Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Woodhouse aka Heaven

What a beautiful storefront. Perfect for the beautiful chocolate inside. We specifically went to St. Helena to go to this store because I became obsessed with their chocolate after getting it on our pillows at night.

Look at all that chocolately goodness. They have tons of different unique flavors.

How adorable is this? Chocolate asparagus bunches! I would have bought them, but they were $25 because they were solid chocolate.

Here's what I did buy. 6 glorious truffles that I downed in two sittings. The best was the praline one. Speaking of which, I found a recipe for pralines that I'm dying to try. I've been a sucker for pralines since my parents took me and my brother to New Orleans when I was in the fifth grade. But that's for another post...

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