Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh, The Things We Made

So, Anika and I did quite a bit of cooking this weekend. I hope I didn't overdo it for her. Not everyone loves cooking as much as I do. I already told you about the chicken that we made together, and as you can see, we also had some of the potatoes gratin (told you I make this a lot) and fresh corn casserole. Some steamed broccoli filled in the gap sitting there in the table. Look how healthy we are!

On Saturday night around midnight we got the brilliant idea to make peanut butter and jelly bars. Thankfully it wasn't too much work - it was from a Barefoot Contessa mix Anika picked up. I do love me some Barefoot Contessa!

The most surprising thing is that nobody ate any bars that night at midnight. We dutifully waited until the next morning to dive in. And dive in I did. It really tasted a lot like PB&J in dessert form. Think peanut butter cookies with a layer of raspberry jelly in the middle. I pretty much ate some of these bars every couple hours or so. Had to keep my blood sugar stable...or something.

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  1. Definitely didn't over do it. I love cooking! It was so much fun!!


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