Thursday, August 13, 2009

Madison Lexington LaBarre

Yes, that is her full name, thank you very much. What? Not all dogs have middle names? Oh, right...carry on.

If it makes you feel any better, she is only called by her first and middle name when she's in trouble.

Oh? You say that's even weirder? Well, she has plenty of other names she gets called. Most often it's Maddie Moo (somehow that ice cream store Maggie Moo's got in my head).

And very often it's Moo Moo. Or Moopers.

And sometimes Moo Bear (don't know what that's about). As you can see the "Moo" thing has really taken off around here.

Occasionally it's Pookie (ruh roh, this is getting way too personal)

We've recently started calling her Doug (which we find a very funny replacement for the word "dog").

Or Doggle (they make dog goggles that go by that name, FYI).

John calls her Doggit sometimes.

But most of the time, she's just our Maddie.


  1. Technically, it Madison Lexington LaBarre.

  2. These pictures came at a very appropriate time--it's all about a Christams present.... or fat stocking stuffer since we're not doing presents this year.


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