Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Top Chef

Here are my thoughts on Top Chef so far this season. And don't worry if you haven't seen the most recent episode - I don't reveal anything. Here is a cheat sheet with some of their names in case you don't remember.

Preeti...much looks like a boy.

Enough already with the "gay people can't get married" stuff. And I'm not talking to the chef, Ashley, who was speaking about it, but to Bravo for airing every single mention of it to make it seem like she was completely obsessed with the idea. They were definitely just trying to create drama.

I thought the twin thing was a little gimmicky, but it turns out they are both good chefs, so I forgive Bravo. I like to think of them as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing 1 being the clean-cut one. Thing 2 being the sunburned scruffy one.

Was Padma wearing a ribbon braided through her hair? Yes, she was. I really hope that is not coming back in style.

What is with that obnoxious sexist guy (aka Nickname Guy)?

Beard guy (Kevin) and blonde girl (Jennifer) are both going far.

I hate to say it, but most of the women are kinda horrible. Ugh.

Eve talks like a kindergarten teacher, and I cannot take her seriously.

Is there some reason the French guy has to wear that red scarf all the time? Reminds me of that scary story you heard as a kid called The Green Ribbon. The girl wears a green ribbon all the time and in the end someone undoes it (her husband perhaps) and her head falls off.

Ron, Robin, Laurine, and Jesse will all be kicked off within a matter of weeks. You have no idea who they are? Well, don't worry about learning their names, because it won't matter.

The whole $15,000 for winning a quickfire seems a bit weird. Isn't immunity enough? Also, why don't get get anything for winning an elimination challenge?

Did you notice how they didn't even show half the dishes in the quickfire so you already knew who wasn't winning or losing. Do they do that a lot and I don't notice?

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  1. The brothers (they're not twins, but actually 2 years apart) are super cute! I'm fine with the show focusing on them. I also agree that Bravo edited the gay marriage thing to be too big of a deal. I agree with the sentiment, but it was being used to just make drama. I think the French guy wears the red scarf because it's a French thing. I don't know, I'm not cultured but I'll pretend.


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