Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here is the Milliken Creek Inn, where we stayed in Napa. I think it has 12 rooms, which is great because that means the grounds are almost always empty, like they are in this picture.

This was our room when we first got there. What a dump.

We picked out a book from the lobby called Dogs of Napa Wineries or something similar. And then we looked through the whole thing on the porch. It was adorable. Whoever thought to do that book is a genius.

Here we are in front of the river. John's glasses aren't aligned so he looks goofy. I promise his eyes are lower than those glasses make it seem.

Sick of seeing pictures of this cute river yet?

Here we are relaxing on lounge chairs and reading our books. I'm reading a library book and John's reading his Kindle app on his iPhone. Per usual.

What a beautiful inn that just invites you to enjoy yourself. We had a great time here.

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  1. Totally gorgeous!!! And I love your shoes ;)


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