Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sterling Winery

We decided since we were in Napa, might as well go to a winery. John had heard of a winery on the top of a mountain where you take a gondola to the top. That sold us!

On our way there, we stopped at this family-owned grocery store to pick up a picnic lunch. It was either that or the Dean & Deluca down the road. We made the right choice! This place was amazing and so adorable.

Here was the delicious spread of salads and prepared foods. I had the pesto pasta salad and it was amazing. I am a huge pesto fan. Who isn't??

Quite the stash of fresh breads. I had an avocado BLT, which did not surprise my husband one bit. I don't necessarily look for the bacon item on every menu, but when I come across it, I pretty much can't get past it. Yum.

This was the road leading up to the winery. Quite a good start to the tour.

Here's the gondola that suckered us into going. When there are a million wineries to choose from, you have to choose somehow!

We broke the rules and sat on the same side for this picture. Shhh don't tell!

And what a view on that ride!

I told John to pose for a picture with his wine glass. And this is what I got.

I told him to take a less weird looking one. And this is what I got.

And this is his last attempt. I gave up.

Then I told him I'd show him how it's done.

Here is a picture during the winery tour. I'm sure these are full of wine and something is going on, but I didn't really pay attention much. It was a self-guided tour and you got wine tastings throughout. Hence the cluelessness about this picture.

Can you see the temperature in this picture? Above 90. That's really hot for us - I'm used to 80 max. Oh how times change.

In the middle of the tour there was a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding area. For me, this was the highlight, since I obviously didn't pay attention to the wine making parts.

Napa is a lot more beautiful than I remember from two years ago. Not sure how I could forget these views!

These are some grape fields. Not surprisingly, they are everywhere in Napa.

Self-portrait. When everyone is guzzling wine you might not trust them with your camera. Not really, this was only two tastes in. The wine here was great, and since it was so hot, it was really nice to have 3 of our 5 tastes be chilled whites. Yum.

Here we are after raiding the wine shop, riding the gondola back down. We bought three of the five bottles we tasted. Like I said, the wine was delicious!

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