Friday, August 28, 2009


No trip to the Stanford Shopping Center is complete without a trip to Sprinkles. Okay, maybe not for everyone, but for me. The first time I went to Sprinkles was when Eve and I visited Heather in LA about 4 years ago. I think we drove at least an hour for these cupcakes. Thankfully, I live about 15 minutes from the one in Palo Alto. Not that I wouldn't drive an hour for cupcakes - you all know I would.

Check out these beauties! Who could resist? Not me. Or you.

I got cinnamon sugar. This one actually doesn't have icing, and it doesn't need it. That's how you know the cake is really good. It is rich with cinnamon (and other spices?) embedded in it.

It was really bright sitting near the window, hence the sunglasses inside. I promise I don't do this often!

Natalie got banana with chocolate frosting. I snuck a bite and it was awesome. Like a banana muffin gone delicious.

So after grabbing this snack, we went shopping...and then came back for more! Ha. Welcome to my world.

Everything about Sprinkles is just adorable - down to the to-go box they give you. With a name like Sprinkles, it's no surprise they go for cute.

I got two cupcakes to go. One for me and one for John to have when he gets back from his trip (today). My second cupcake of the day was key lime - you guys know I love key lime pie. This one was delicious too - especially the icing with lime zest - but not quite as good as the cinnamon sugar one. Hopefully John will enjoy his dark chocolate one. If not, I'll definitely finish it for him.

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