Monday, August 10, 2009

Stinson Beach

We went to Stinson Beach on Sunday, and it was amazing. Yes, we Californians go to the beach a lot, okay? And then we brag about it on our blogs.

It was so nice of San Fran to cooperate and be foggy so you guys would get to see such a stereotypical pic.

To get to Stinson, we had to go through San Fran and then across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the good news and the bad news, I suppose. Great views, but a long drive.

John was doing all the driving, so I took a few pictures. There is a bit more fog here as we approach Stinson, but luckily the beach wasn't foggy at all.

Here is John in the tiny little town of Stinson Beach. The population here is 486. Seriously.

This was the traffic cop, and as you can see, she is wearing Mickey Mouse gloves. This gives you a feel for what this town is like. I heard a woman at a coffee shop say that she is going to dress as this traffic cop for Halloween. I guess in a town of 486, everyone would know who you are.

Here is the cute little place we had lunch/brunch (John is always on the lunch side of that line and I'm always on the brunch side of that line. I'm not sure I've ever seen him order breakfast food.).

We ate outside, of course, and this is the adorable garden that was next to us. Pretty nice mountains off in the distance too.

Here is John right before he orders lunch food. Sheesh.

Here is my gigantic plate of blueberry pancakes. Y-U-M! They were awesome. Also, is it weird that this is how I cut my pancakes?

Here is the cute cocker spaniel that was sitting next to us. The reason we loved this beach so much is that dogs were allowed and there were TONS of them. And the dog-portion of the beach is miles long, which is pretty much unheard of for dog beaches. Plus this beach is actually sunny and warm. I wore a bathing suit for the first time on a beach in Cali!

I called Maddie's name so she would face me for a picture, but this is what happened. "Yes, Mom? You wanted something?"

Here is a more reasonable picture. I made sure not to call her name this time.

We took Maddie for a long walk along the beach where she ran around and played with other dogs. When we got back she couldn't keep her eyes open, as you can see in this picture. Nothing like falling asleep standing up.

The sun is starting to go down a bit as I'm laying around reading and drinking root beer.

Uh oh, we're no longer sleeping standing up. This is pretty much what John and I did as soon as we got home.


  1. Haha, yes, it is weird you cut your pancakes like that :)

  2. California livin'! It must have been a glorious day. The city fathers (and mothers) must have very strict building codes, etc. to only have 486 people and I bet most of them have dogs!

  3. I would like to point out that our meal was taken at around 2:00 PM. I think the one with the proper mealtime decision making process isn't necessarily me. Halibut at 2:00 PM makes sense. Pancakes, less so. I'm just saying.


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