Sunday, August 9, 2009


We visited the Palo Alto farmers market on Saturday, aka the rival to our usual Mountain View farmers market. I felt guilty the whole time. There were some amazingly beautiful and bright displays of fruits and veggies, though. I had to snap a picture of this beautiful peppers. Yes, those are purple peppers in there!

The plums and grapes and grapes were looking delish.

And man, check out those tomatoes. They are starting to take over the markets around here (not that I'm complaining).

We didn't buy much at the Palo Alto farmers market though; they were missing some of the things I usually like to buy (corn) and they charged double what I'm used to paying for other things (raspberries and green beans). Palo Alto is a lot more ritzy than Mountain View, so we were not too surprised that the prices were a lot higher. Apparently Palo Alto is the fifth most expensive city in the country. Mountain View is not the sixth.

I'm always up for trying new farmers markets, but this one won't be taking the place of my dear ole Mountain View market.

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  1. A feast for the eyes even before you get to eat them! We could start a new rhyme: "How many purple peppers did Peter Piper pick, etc."


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