Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Goods

Here they are, the fruits of our visit to the outlet mall. And there were many fruits. This was clearly the stash from Le Creuset.

Most importantly, my own dutch oven! Finally! This was actually the biggest bargain of the trip, probably because it started off the most expensive.

We got the "standard" size (5 1/2 quarts), as it was explained to us. Perfect for beef bourguignon, baking some bread, making stew, and anything else I might please. It actually isn't as heavy as I would have thought. Which is good because it will be filled with food soon enough.

A cute little 9x9 pan, because I only had and 8x8. And isn't that enough of a reason?

How adorable is this tea kettle? John pretty much insisted on getting this. Who would object to that?

No, this isn't identical to my other Le Creuset gratin dish. This one is about half the size. Hopefully now I will only make my potato gratin in this so I won't feel it necessary to eat the whole pan in one sitting. Ugh. I do not recommend that.

A cute little red pie dish. Doesn't this just beg for an apple pie? I've never made one before. Sad.

I'm a huge fan of cooking almost everything with my silicon spatulas. And this is a genius combination of the silicon spatula and a spoon. Now I can use this to cook and serve!

I only have stainless steel mixing bowls and I've been dying for a glass one. Is it normal to lust for things like this? It's pretty big and has a handy-dandy lid too. How practical of you, Pyrex.

Hello, lid!

This is the biggest mixing bowl I've ever seen. And I clearly NEEDED it. I have been getting batter all over myself for far too long. Those hand-held mixers can be messy business.

Here is my hand for a size reference. It's so big I could hardly find a cabinet to keep it in. That's when I knew it was just big enough.

Now that I own cake pans, if you're lucky, I will bake a cake for you! Well, if you're especially lucky, I will have learned how to make a cake before I make you one. That's on my list of things to learn!

A measuring cup? Don't you have one already? Why yes, I do! I have two and this is my third. This one is 4 cups because I get annoyed having to use a measuring cup more than once to get the volume I need. Anyone with me here?

I got a couple of other things that didn't get photographed - some presents, a meat tenderizer, and something else I'm forgetting. Quite a successful trip, I think!


  1. You are so spot-on with the measuring cup again and again and thus needing a bowl. I have the same set up. Plus, you don't have to stop and think whether you're on cup 3 or 4; it's all in one bowl.

    I love the red pie dish.

  2. How can you have existed without the wonderful silicon spatula/ spoon? I was sure I'd given you one--if not, I'm sorry. It IS just right for double duty!


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