Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Her Hood

Anika and I took a tour of her 'hood in Chicago. She lives about two blocks away from the Chicago River - how great is that? The color of the river really disturbed me though. It was a blue-green color that seemed incredibly unnatural for a river. Anika hypothesizes this comes from dying the river green every St. Patrick's Day.

I think that is Trump Tower in the background (blech I hate Trump). Anika lives in downtown Chicago, so there are skyscrapers all around her.

Here we are in front of the river. Looks like a pool, doesn't it?

A puppy came up to us and the poor thing had a neon pink cast on her left leg. She wasn't letting that get her down though, as evidenced by her coming up to us and crawling all over our legs. Doesn't that look just say, "Take me back to California with you?"

Later that night we walked to Navy Pier (which is also right by her apartment) to watch the fireworks. They were in time to the music playing in the background, which I thought was amazing. My favorite part was during a Poker Face clip they had little smiley face fireworks.

And yes, I wore that jacket everywhere. It was unseasonably cold in Chicago (high of 70), so I needed it. Hopefully this didn't offend my fashionista hostess.

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  1. I am so glad you love the fireworks as much as I do!!! Wish you were still here!


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