Friday, September 25, 2009

Weird Things in Brooklyn

While walking around Williamsburg, Kyle and I stumbled upon a couple of weird things. The first was this car driving down the street. Yes, it can actually drive. Luckily for me, it was at a stop light, so I was able to break out my camera. It looks like the head of a giant Transformer or something to me. What kind of person would do this??

The next weirdness we saw was this copper mold collection of Amy Von Harrington. Um, what?

Can you believe all those copper molds? Where do you put all those things? All over your house, probably. I mean I gotta give it to this lady, this is quite a collection. I was a collection freak when I was a kid. I collected probably everything you could collect. Stamps. Shells. Pennies. Stickers. Rubber Stamps. Marvel cards. Comics. Baseball cards. Pogs. You remember Pogs don't you? I guess if I had known than collecting copper molds was en vogue, I would have collected them too!

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