Friday, September 18, 2009

Beard Guy

So there is what we can only assume is a distribution center for this company called Alvarado St. Bakery near our house. We have to assume this isn't the original center for the place because there is no Alvarado St. anywhere near where we live. It's cooperatively owned and makes organic breads, so clearly this place is up my theory. My one big complaint is this truck that's parked along the street almost every day. It isn't the truck per se that bothers me, it's this weird painting on the back. First, they got all cutsey and made it seem as if the truck door was partially open and you could view inside the truck/bakery. But if you look closer you can see the real weirdness of it all. There is a guy with a beard wearing a hair net...or shall I say beard net...messing with the bread. I guess I should be glad guys with beards have to wear beard nets, but seeing this every day just makes me think all that much more about hair getting in my food. I can't really put into words why the back of this truck weirds me out, but it does. My only backing up on this is that John can't help but notice this picture every time we pass it too. You just can't help but think about beard hairs getting in your bread!

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