Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nuts 4 Nuts 4 Nuts

If you've ever lived or spent time in New York, you have seen plenty of these street vendors. And if you are a normal person, you will probably never eat the roasted nuts that come off these sweet smelling carts. But if you are me, you will be Nuts 4 Nuts 4 Nuts.

When I tell people I am obsessed with these things, they say things like, "Eww you eat those," or "I never even considered eating there." When I lived in New York I used to get them every time I went shopping, occasionally before a movie, and sometimes on the way home from work when I decided to go the "long way" specifically to snag a bag. In my opinion, they taste exactly how they smell - delicious. It's amazing I only succumbed to their sweet scent once this weekend. I want to learn how to make some myself, and I think it's actually pretty simple - requires only water, sugar, and nuts or something. Until that day, I will be eating from these carts every chance I get.

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