Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Wrong it's Right

I totally have a thing for fruit and veggies that are the "wrong" color. Here are some raspberries from the farmers market that I got awhile back. No real reason to get the different color, but I just get a kick out of it.

I also enjoy orange and purple cauliflower (purple especially) and recently discovered - and ate - purple "green" beans. I'm not sure what to call them them; purple beans? Yellow watermelon is fun, and I tried a slice of white peach (white on the outside, not just the inside) the other day too. I get orange cherry tomatoes every chance I get, because they are the sweetest tomatoes imaginable. Sweeter than grapes, honestly.

I heard white asparagus isn't as healthy as the green kind, so I've never gotten that before. Apparently they are white from being in the shade or something bizarre.

Anyone else a fan of these color-confused plants? Am I just susceptible to persuasive plant marketing??

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  1. Actually asparagus is usually white because the dirt is mounded up around them so they have no sun. Dark colored fruits and veggies are generally better for you (those micronutrients) but I suspect you get plenty of them ordinarily. I agree that the purple cauliflower is great fun--we used to see it in Italy.


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