Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top Cheffage

So, like last week I won't give anything away about who wins and who gets kicked off. My thoughts might not make sense if you haven't seen the episode though...

Did anyone else notice that the guest judge talked a lot like Kevin Spacey. Or to me I kept thinking "He sounds like the guy from American Beauty," and I kept thinking his name was Kevin Kline. ha. Thank you, IMDB for clearing that one up.

So as for the quickfire challenge...Ron somehow managed to make a comparison between Bob Marley and potatoes. And then said something like "Don't worry, be happy." That guy needs to worry though because he is going to get kicked off soon.

Sexist guy (Michael? Mike? Something.) informed us that Risotto is a style of cooking because he knew all the viewers would think he was a weirdo for pretending to make potato risotto. Okay, fine, you got me. I didn't know risotto was a style of cooking, but you didn't have to make me feel all dumb about it.

Again, Bravo really edits things to make Ashley seem crazy for yelling at Pretty (whatever) about the whole water thing. Maybe they are trying to make her into the next Lisa, whom everyone hated. I don't really see that happening though.

Anyone else notice that ice cream never freezes in time on this show? It's a forgone conclusion. Oh great, someone is making ice cream. Now there will be drama about it not freezing.

Jennifer's voice is incredibly annoying. She talks like she has a fake accent or something. Reminds me of the trashy mom from Gone Baby Gone (played by Holly from The Office).

And as for the elimination challenge. Anyone that watches The Next Food Network Star (which you should!!) will find this challenge quite a bit similar to their military challenge this past season. Lame.

When she finds out about the challenge, Ashley says, "We could be cooking for 300 people using toaster ovens and matches." Um yeah, you'll be lucky if you have matches. As it turns out, the kitchen isn't that bad in my opinion. Better than cooking on the fire on the beach like that one season. Kevin is able to predict exactly what type of food will be in the kitchen, which makes me think Bravo is annoyed at him for being practical. I'm starting to like Kevin a lot, especially when he says things like "We [he and Eli] bond as fat kids." You make the jokes for me, Kevin.

Everyone makes a HUGE deal about serving chowder on a hot day. I cannot begin to count how many times it was brought up. They only mentioned the chili thing once though, even though those dishes seems pretty similar in my mind. Ron says he knows the troops love chowder, which makes no sense. You have no problem understanding his every word though I seem to take issue with the way a lot of people speak on the show.

Was this the first time on Top Chef that during a challenge there was an executive chef who was not responsible for any dishes and just managed? I found that interesting.

Do you think they made every contestant talk about how much they loved the military and the troops? Every 5 seconds there was a clip about how so and so has a second cousin in the military. Great story. Also, I particularly liked Padma dressing in a leopard print mini...for the troops of course!

I promised not to discuss the results, but I will just say that this season has been fairly predictable so far. The good people seem to always win and the bad people seem to always lose.

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