Sunday, September 20, 2009


When you go to New York, you feel pretty obligated to get a bagel. Especially if where you live (like me) where there are 10:1 donut shops to bagel shops (which always surprised me because people consider California full of health food). Now, I love a good bagel with some butter (and of course cut into quarters like they are apt to), but my favorite is the bagel sandwich with bacon and egg. And yes, hold the cheese. Blech. I get annoyed when bagel places refuse to serve eggs after a certain hour of the day, because I want a bacon and egg bagel no matter what time it is. 11AM? Yep. 2PM? Yep. 9PM? Yep. I have eaten these for all meals of the day, and it is glorious. On Saturday I happened to eat mine around 11AM, so I didn't have to encounter any egg issues. I brought oatmeal packets to eat for breakfast every day, but so far they all remain safely zipped in my suitcase, untouched. And I'm glad.

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