Monday, September 28, 2009

Julie & Julia

So I finally read Julie & Julia. I was sixth in line when I reserved it at the library, so it took a pretty long time to come in. Lots of people I know had read the book, and most of them said pretty negative or neutral things. So naturally, I liked the book a lot. It's like when you go into a movie expecting the worst and your low expectations make it all the more pleasant. I had been warned that Julie was pretty negative/pessimistic/bitter, that there was barely any info about Julia Child, and that she blathers on about having a baby a lot. And all of those complaints are pretty much on point, but I still liked the book anyway. Any tidbits about cooking fascinate me, so I think this helped. I also like reading books about New York (and watching movies that take place there), so that didn't hurt either. It's hard to deny (as I write this on my blog) that the blogging-about-food thing did kind of make me relate to Julie on a certain level. I heard she has a new book coming out about becoming a butcher and divorcing her husband. Two levels on which I have no intention of relating to her.


  1. Is it bad I'm not surprised she was getting divorced? She seemed like an awful person.

  2. i can't stop staring at that stupid whisk. i'm in love with it.


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