Friday, September 25, 2009

Thai Things

Can we please discuss how good Thai iced tea is? We can? Thanks! I'm not sure what is in this stuff, but it is possibly laced with crack or something, because it is that good. I have Eve to thank (who has her brother to thank perhaps?) for introducing this drink to me, and now I can't go to a Thai restaurant and not order it. That would be sacrilegious! I think that the creamy portion on the top is either made with heavy cream or half & half. There was a time I thought there was sweetened condensed milk in this stuff, but after handling SCM a lot recently for baking, I don't think the texture would be right in the drink. I'm kind of afraid to find out how Thai iced tea is made because I really don't want to know how bad it is for me, but does anyone know?

Also, don't you just love how Thai iced tea looks and the joy you get from mixing the cream with the tea?

As for the other - clearly less important - part of my meal. I'm really into ordering curries nowadays. I love Pad Thai, but I've been burned by it to many times (read: it tasted bad), that I'm starting to think curries are safer orders.

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