Thursday, September 10, 2009


You guessed it - time for my Top Chef thoughts. These are pretty much the things that I would normally email my friend Amanda when we're going back and forth about how we felt about the episode. Now she gets to read them on the blog and the rest of you guys get to close the window when you realize it's another one of these dumb Top Chef posts.

They aren't going to get more Americans to "catch on" to eating snails if they display them being gross and crawling all over on the inside of cake covers. Disgusting.

I was loving that the quickfire loser had to go home. Good ole Top Chef has some of the best writing in Reality TV I think. Project Runway has some of the worst because most of the challenges are bo-ring.

Anyone else sitting there hoping Frenchie gets sent home on all these uber-French challenges? He was just soooo high on himself. I think it's really that scarf that kills me. I've spoken about it before, so you guys know how I feel about that thing.

Bacon Jam, I need to taste you immediately.

I love how they ask Kevin if he has a suit. It's true, he doesn't look like he would have one.

Ron is not psyched to be paired with Robin. He informs us has made frog legs 250 different ways. If so, why did you choose to cook it that gross way? "My partner is Robin because no one wanted to work with her." Bingo! So Ron isn't as dense as he seems. I love how Robin talks like a crazy person. Is she on meth?

Eww flirting between Jen and Mike. Pushing carts into one another like mature adults. And she was tugging on his sleeve when they were waiting for the judges. The next Hosea and Leah??

I loved Gail nodding at the French chef when he's speaking with a look of "What is he saying? God, I wish I knew French. I'm nodding...I'm nodding...he thinks I get it. Phew."

I immediately think they aren't going to send someone home since they already sent the quickfire loser home. That seems to have happened the past couple of seasons, but usually when everyone does a horrible job and they can't pick everyone to send home. But Bravo seems to have fooled me again!

Frenchie blatantly lies when speaking to the judges. I'm sure everyone noticed this. I wonder if he believed what he was saying or if he knew he was being a backstabber.

Why does Padma keep wearing those elbow bracelets? She is really skinny, but they even make her arms look chunky. I read that she gains 15 pounds during each season of Top Chef, but it seems a bit early for that.

Again winners of both quickfire and elimination challenges are no surprise. Boring! But maybe it's because the winners are actually that good this season. Is that possible?

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