Sunday, September 6, 2009

Barbie Dream House

Is it strange that John and I already know what house we plan on moving into when we move out of our current house? Well, the mortgage of this dream house might not ever be paid by us, but we can dream right?

We love the wraparound porch, and the white picket fence isn't too shabby either. Isn't it darling?

The funny thing is that we see the house every day. It is less than a block away from where we live. So if a for sale sign ever pops up out front, you can bet we will be stealing a flyer!


  1. How many children are you planning on having to fill that house? --KVT

  2. Ha! We're doubtful it even has four bedrooms, so don't get your hopes up about a Cheaper by the Dozen scenario.

  3. I want to see lots of Foodiebia babies! :)

  4. this house reminds me of the house/neighborhood in 'ten things i hate about you'. now i need to go watch it.


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