Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I only just recently learned how to spell Berkeley, so when I was planning this weekend's trip with Natalie I just kept calling it "Berk" (because I didn't know how many "e"s were in it).

They sell quite a bit of tie dye on the streets of Berk, but probably mostly for the tourists as opposed to the hippie residents. Don't get me wrong, we saw quite a few weirdo hippie types, but for the most part it's just full of students.

Here is a picture of College Ave, where we got Ici. I love these kinds of streets in college towns. Who doesn't?

Apparently every time Natalie and Mitch come to Berkeley, Natalie makes them come here - Jeremy's. It's like a cute version of T.J. Maxx. At first I thought it was a men's-only store and I was like "Wait, Mitch makes you guys come here every time?" Then I realized it was more Natalie's doing.

I feel like Paris Hilton - no one has ever snuck up on me to take a picture of me shopping! I'm not at Kitson in LA though. For better or for worse.

I reserve this smile for shopping and eating.

Check out the happy couple. Aww.

I really wanted to go visit the campus of U.C. Berkeley, and it was nothing like I expected. There are almost zero dorms and the buildings don't really match the way they do at some universities. Tons of students were outside having fun, though, which is a good sign.

Here is a picture of the (under construction) symbolic piece of architecture at Berkeley.

I found this Victory Garden in the middle of campus to be somewhat comical. It's definitely not out of place at a school like Berkeley.

Little tomatoes hoping to grow big and strong one day. I'm not sure who the heck is tending them and who will get to eat them. I certainly didn't have my own garden in the middle of campus when I was in college. I didn't go to Berkeley though.

I really loved Berkeley, and I can't wait to go back.


  1. It's the Campanile, and it's under restoration, not construction. The core buildings kind of match (white granite), but then they said heck with it. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes they failed miserably. I wish I had a chance to recommend a few things. There are a lot of Berkeley secrets, food-wise and other-stuff-wise. Like, for example, that lawn in front of the library above (the big white building)? The library is underground. So all that grass actually has library underneath that connects to other buildings by tunnels. And the Campanile? It has dinosaur bones in it. And (oh!) the secret food places...

  2. Oh, and the dorms are all off-campus. They're DEFINITELY there, just hidden, like a lot of other Berkeley things.


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