Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Van Leeuwen

I'm pretty into ice cream. By "pretty into" I mean that it is my favorite food. I like all of its variations and I love trying new places. And occasionally new trucks.

While shopping in Soho with Chris I happened upon the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck. Let me tell you, this is not the kind of ice cream truck that attracts the little kiddies by blaring creepy chiming music. It's "artisan" and made with local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. No idea what "artisan" really means here.

Here I am going to town on a cone of Peppermint & Chip. The chocolate is in tiny slivers, and according to their website, this is so they can melt quickly and "expose their true flavors" as opposed to bigger chips whose flavor is muted by being frozen. Yes, these people clearly put a bit of thought into how they make their ice cream. As long as I'm on the receiving end of all that hard work, it sounds good to me.

In other news, John says "hi."

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