Monday, September 28, 2009

NYC Friends

I am lucky to have some close friends still in New York, which made my trip all the more special. Let's be honest, hanging around a big city by yourself is only so much fun.

The good looking gent above is my friend, Chris, whom I met in college. It is possible that we used to sing and dance to Since You've Been Gone (by Kelly Clarkson of course) almost every weekend. If it makes it any better, Eve used to be a part of it. Oh, that's even more strange? Forget I even mentioned it.

Kyle was nice enough to put up with me staying with him for five days. He is not nice enough to put up with pictures of himself though.

I've known him since middle school, when we were in the same core group. Let's hope he doesn't remember what I used to look like back then. Ugh.

And of course I had to see all my old friends from work, Amanda, Stacey, and Ben. Somehow we ended up meeting at the pub we went to when we all found out we passed the New York Bar. Oh those many years ago. This time we got to celebrate the fact that I had to come to New York to take a CLE class. Hooray!

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