Friday, September 4, 2009

Missing Limb

As I mentioned, I managed to ruin both my camera and phone last weekend after an unfortunate water bottle incident. I've been a little lost this week being without a camera and still trying to keep up my blogging. The wonderful Natalie took pity on me and is loaning me her second camera while I am camera-less. Luckily, the camera also fit my old memory card so I was able to retrieve the pictures from the Eat Real Fest I snapped before Operation Kill Your Camera. I will provide short little captions since I already explained the afternoon to you...

Despite the heat, it really was a beautiful day. Nothing like great food and sun.

Told you it was along the water! I tried to stand as close to the water as possible so as to avoid sweating to death.

Chowing down on two different types of falafel. And then they switched halfway through of course.

Creating an heirloom tomato salad. These were really popular in the heat...

But John and I opted for the corn on the cob instead. Though I do love a good heirloom tomato.

Maybe to some people this doesn't look appetizing, but to me there's nothing like a messy pulled pork sandwich.

Munch munch munch

There was a guy playing somewhat bizarre music on a shovel guitar. It fit the atmosphere pretty perfectly, but wouldn't be something I would normally listen to (if you get what I'm sayin').

I'm really excited to start taking pictures of cooking again. Hopefully you will be excited to read them. Have a nice Labor Day weekend!

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