Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Point Isabel

We've discovered yet another amazing dog heaven in the Bay Area.  This one isn't a beach but IS the country's largest dog park (so we hear).  Point Isabel is technically in Richmond, but is seconds away from Berkeley (where we hopped to afterwards for dinner).  It's right on the Bay and a little inlet is a haven for dogs who love to swim, like the one above.

I didn't get many cute dog pictures this time because the weather got cloudy.  This cute girl was bundled up, since her mom must have known the clouds were a-comin'. 

I just loved the stoic stance of this guy.  I am also a sucker for dogs in bandannas.  Not sure what that's about.
This is probably the biggest dog I have ever seen - a giant St. Bernard named Ruby.  This particularly amused me because Ruby is the obese woman who has her own reality show on Lifetime.  Not that I would ever watch a show like that.  Ruby was one of the sweetest dogs.  Her owners knew what to expect when they brought her here - that she would go from one human to the next waiting to be pet.  Her ears were probably five times the thickness of Maddie's, but just as soft.  I can't say I would ever own a dog this big, but I'd love it if my neighbor had one for me to play with.

On a clearer day you can see the San Francisco skyline in the distance, but we'll have to save that for another time.  The clouds were beautiful and I loved capturing this family enjoying a good afternoon.

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