Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Apparently everyone in my life decided to be born right around Christmas.  But let's be honest, that is worse for them than it is for me.  My dad's birthday is today, and I figured it was only appropriate to show a picture of him doing what he likes best - taking photos.   Happy birthday, Dad! 

Anika's birthday is also today, and I figured I would show her doing what she likes best - stalking Graham Elliot.  Haha, not really, but this is the most recent picture I have of her.  I figured using one from our law school days was a bit lame.   Happy birthday, Anika!!

I'm a day late for Amanda, though it isn't because I forgot.  I am just slow on the blogging.  Amanda doesn't usually agree to pose for pictures, so even though this is an old one, I figured better this than where she is giving me the death stare for breaking out my camera.  Happy belated birthday, Amanda!


  1. haha belated thanks for the birthday wishes!! (these days my face is less greasy)


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