Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Smoke a Turkey

Okay, I really haven't the slightest idea how you would go about smoking a turkey.  

But as far as advice for receiving a smoked turkey in the mail as a gift...

I suggest you get a job as an attorney for a company and hire law firms that are in Tyler, Texas (where Greenberg smoked turkeys hail from).

This cracked me up to no end.  Apparently smoked turkeys are considered "the holiday aristocrat."   By whom I'm not so sure. 

This is what the bird looked like.  The insert said it is most often eaten cold or at room temperature with the skin is discarded.  

We enjoyed the turkey in two ways - by munching on huge slices with our hands and in sandwiches on thick fresh bread and a little bit of mayo.  I was definitely a bit of a skeptic when we got this turkey, but I am officially a convert.  This is probably the moistest turkey I've ever had, and it's full of flavor.  I don't think I'll be buying one for Thanksgiving anytime soon, but it would be perfect for a Christmas brunch or something.  It was so delicious that maybe I'll be the one calling in the "holiday aristocrat" from now on.


  1. THIS IS MY CLIENT! I TRADEMARKED THAT! AND, best part, to submit a specimen, for which we just needed the box or the bag, the guy insisted on sending us the turkey! i was like, no we just need some packaging, and he was like, well it's just easier if i send you the whole turkey. so my secretary and i ate very well for a week.

  2. Small smoked turkey world!! That is so bizarre!


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