Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu

This year is my inaugural year cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  And if you know anything about me, you would realize that this has spurred infinite hours of online research as well as countless lists of recipes, ingredients, and stores I need to visit.  So here is the final menu, folks (I know you've hardly been able to sleep with the anticipation).

We're having a fresh Willie Bird turkey from Mollie Stones and we are brining it, which is new to our whole family.  Everything I read seemed to rave about how moist and delicious a brined turkey is, so they better be right.  I am going a little lazy on the process, though, and just bought the brining mix at Williams Sonoma.  I'm hoping to roast the turkey while basting it with butter a few times to make it extra delicious.  My mom is going to be invaluable by helping me roast the turkey and especially in helping me make gravy.  Thank God she'll be here!

As for the sides, we're making lots of Pioneer Woman recipes.  Sweet potato crisp/casseroleCornbread stuffingFresh dinner rolls.  But two things I know are my favorites every year are my mom's recipes for cranberry-orange relish and pumpkin pie.  I'll be sure to share those delicious recipes with you soon.  Sadly it will be a little late for Thanksgiving this year though.

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