Friday, November 6, 2009

My Vice

So I try to eat healthy, as lots of people do.  One of my main things is that I try not to eat processed foods.  However, I'm kind of a sucker for these dumb Fiber One granola bars.  The ones with chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle.

Fortunately - or unfortunately for me - they carry these in bulk at Costco.  So naturally I had to buy two.  Obviously no one cares if you eat granola bars, even chocolate-laden ones, sometimes.  But the thing is that these things are like candy bars, except less filling.  So once I have one I am dying to have another.

I have the wherewithal to only bring one of these to work every day or else I'd be knocking back handfuls at a time.  I usually scarf it down the second I sit down at my computer.  Once I look at that lonely little bar sitting there my mouth starts to water.  And I mean literally water.  Over a Fiber One granola bar!  Pathetic! 


  1. i totally understand about the "like candy bars, except less filling". i eat one granola bar (not necessarily fiber one, but some kashi ones are similar) i eat one and immediately want another. kind of defeats the purpose of not eating a candy bar when i want to eat 3 granola bars haha.

  2. mmm, fiber one bars. i didn't realize costco had them. i know what to look for the next time i'm killing time there!

  3. never tried fiber one, but i'm obsessed w/ my genisoy bars. those are totally like candy bars, but they are actually pretty filling.

  4. omg kathy i am OBSESSED w/these things. unforun. my obsession has spread to other fiber one products. i recommend the cereal (the mini wheat version) and the toaster pastries (blueberry and cinnamon). YUM-O!


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