Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fort Funston Dogs

John and I went to a new dog beach, recommended to us by my friend, Trevor.  This beach was amazing with spectacular views you can only see on the West Coast.  But for now I will focus on my favorite views - that of the dogs!

Nothing like an adorable Golden Retriever to make you smile.

Hello, big Ridgie that John wanted to steal from your unsuspecting owner. 

Check out the ears on this pooch.  Dumbo the dog.

Nothing like seeing a dog like this to make me thankful Maddie isn't a slobberer.  

But the cute old slobberer had some legs left in him!
This adorable redhead was traveling with the horses, but showed a bit of an interest in Maddie too.

We love German Short-Haired Pointers because they remind us of Maddie.

Maddie is trying to sniff/say hi to this cute mini dobermans.  I think they are afraid she is after their ball though!

This dog reminded me of a Dr. Seuss character. 

I got a kick out of watching these two goldens play together.

Looks like one pulls ahead for a strong lead...

But their game of chase ends quickly as the attend to more pressing matters, like meeting new dogs.

I think Rotties have the cutest faces, though I'm sure other people might be wary of them.

But look - it's the cutest dog of the day, our Maddie girl.  A couple mile walk down the beach followed by a couple of miles walking along the bluffs really made her day.  And mine.


  1. Great FF photos! May we post some of the photos/captions to the Fort Funston Dog website?

  2. LOVE the pics! I want to go with you and play with the doggies!


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