Monday, November 9, 2009

Foodie Library

My foodie library is expanding by the minute!  The growth is mostly courtesy of John's mom, Linda.  She was disappointed by my report about the 100 Words for Foodies and decided that the book didn't hack it.

This book, The Food Snob's Dictionary, definitely has more than 100 words.  It has lots of famous people in the book and my favorite part is the tiny picture of cheese they place next to the items "held in especially high regard by Food Snobs."  Such words include escoffier, Julia Child, Thomas Keller, and forager.  The book is definitely whimsical, not taking itself (or food snobs) too seriously.  I can't wait to read more.

The Foodie Handbook is a great guide written by a food blogger who has traveled the world.  The book is separated into four sections: how to eat like a foodie, how to cook like a foodie, how to drink like a foodie, and how to be a fabulous foodie.  It encourages people to try new things and really have fun with food while falling even more in love with it.  The author, Pim Techamuanvivit, is really down to earth - the opposite of a food snob - and just really enjoys every aspect of food.  Now I need to do some of the must-do things she suggests: eat a taco while standing up at a taco truck, bake a loaf of crusty bread, and learn to make a perfect pie crust.  And blog about it, of course!

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