Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kathy Sonoma

John and I went to Williams Sonoma this weekend.  Yes, again.  I had a vague idea of picking up a few things while we were there, and pick up a few things we did.

We got these two 3-inch ramekins so I could make us individual apple crisps.  Isn't it just cuter to serve people their own individual dessert?  We would have bought 4, but they only had two in stock.  How rude.  (Full House, anyone?)  Now we have an excuse to buy them next time we're there!

With all the cookie baking going on in our house and the cookie plans I have for the future (Christmas - hello!), I knew it was about time to get some real cookie sheets.  I've been dying to get some commercial baking sheets for awhile.  Not only are they better quality (they don't warp with heat), but they are also bigger!  It gets old trying to cram a mere 12 cookies on each of your tiny cookie sheets.  Now I have a hope of fitting 16 - hooray!  It's all about the simple joys in life, people.

And of course in preparation for Thanksgiving, we needed an All-Clad roasting pan.  John bought our All-Clad set before we were married and insists that every pan we buy from here on out be All-Clad.  I always put up a fight when we're at the store because it is so expensive, but really I don't mind a bit.  It's all a show because obviously I want to buy quality stuff too.  And yes, I realize that now that this is on the web John will be aware of my ruse.


  1. Full disclosure - I was well aware of your ruse prior to this posting.

  2. Oh that Mr. Foodiebia, he's a smart cookie. :)

    p.s. baking individual crisps is the best ever! Make sure to go back and get some more ramekins so you can impress guests with their own individual desserts!

  3. do you have any silpat? that's what i want.


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