Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday Lunch

As I constantly remind you, John and I are big fans of farmers markets.  We go to the local MTV (Mountain View) farmers market every Sunday.  And recently we started a new tradition, our farmers market Sunday lunches.  We usually pick up some cheese or Acme bread (a crisp sourdough baguette most often) as the most substantial aspect of the meal, and for the rest we gnaw on whatever fruit looks good that day.  Berries.  Apples.  Peaches.  Asian pears.  You name it.  This light lunch is always delicious and helps make up for whatever sinful food we may have consumed the rest of the weekend.  It's only appropriate to repent on Sundays, isn't it? 

This picture was taken last week, and yes we still have delicious strawberries in November out here.  Don't hate us. 

Time to scamper off to bed - I have to get up in about 6 hours.  I spent all night making desserts for Natalie and Mitch's wine and cheese party tomorrow.  Details to follow. 

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