Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Room with a View and the Eiffel Tower

At our new hotel we managed to get a room with a view.  Not just a view, but the view in Paris.

At night the Tower has a light show every hour on the hour, and we saw it glittering last night at 9:00PM.  Hopefully we can catch it again tonight, because I never get tired of seeing it.

Our weird sleeping schedule meant we slept through breakfast this morning, so on our walk to the Eiffel Tower we caught a quick brunch snack of gaufres.  Yes, we love anything made in waffle-form in France.  These were lighter than air and absolutely delicious.

The line for the Eiffel Tower was one of the longest I've ever seen.  So John stepped away to find the restroom and returned and hour later when I was almost at the front of the line.  This is the smile of a man who got here just in time (or he'd be a dead man).

The views are exactly as you'd expect - spectacular.  These are from the second "deck" where things are more recognizable (than at the tippy top).
I was kind of bummed at first when I saw the metal fencing all around the perimeter - "It will ruin the pictures," I thought.

Durrr...there is a level one flight up that has no grate, so the pictures are unobstructed.  It only took us five minutes to realize this.

You can't take too many pictures from the Eiffel Tower - that's my motto.  

I offered to take a picture of several couples (when I saw them taking a photo of just one of them or taking a self-portrait), but everyone refused me!  I figured I could use them to take a photo of us in return, but alas!

We did manage to sucker a few people into taking pictures of us, but almost all of them are horrible shots and not focused on us at all.  Most people were non-English speakers, so I couldn't tell them to tap the button to focus.  We did get a few keepers, though!

The Eiffel Tower is apparently the most visited place in the entire world, and I can see why.  You can't come to Paris and not visit - especially if you are with someone you love.

One last photo of the Eiffel Tower for today.  I can't promise I won't post more later, though.


  1. LOVE that last shot. Looks like a fabulous trip!

  2. I LOVE your daily blog and following in your footsteps! I wore my beautiful starfish earrings yesterday and thought of you....


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