Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Things from Paris

I promise this is the last post about Paris, guys.  Since I went into detail about the stores and shopping areas, I figured it would make sense to share what I picked up in all these wonderful places.  I can't, unfortunately, tell you everything I bought in Paris, since most of the items are being handed out as gifts at some point.  I mostly just bought things at random the whole trip - not knowing if we would keep them or if I would give them away.  Then when we got home and unpacked all the goodies I started sorting everything on the top of the dresser.  It seemed like an insane amount of stuff when we were in Paris, but when we got home I wished I had bought more.  More jam.  More tea towels.  More whisks.  You name it.  I guess this loot will have to do until next time.

Above - some fragrant floral green tea from a killer tea shop that I highly recommend.  Tea is huge in Paris (which surprised us both), and Mariage Freres is the tea shop to end all tea shops.  This wonderful loose-leaf tea even comes with some tea bags to fill yourself.  A nice touch.

Orangettes were everywhere in Paris, and this version with milk chocolate was calling to me (as my mom would say).

There was one thing I went to Paris with the intention of buying:  Madeliene pans.  Preferably from E. Dehilleron.  I picked up two, in fact, and I can't wait to try them.  I also bought a big whisk for good measure.

At Shakespeare and Company I was eager to pick up a book as a souvenir.  What better kind of book to buy than a book on French cooking?  I've been dying to get an Elizabeth David cookbook after learning she is one of Alice Waters' favorites.

I fell in love with this modern tea towel that we bought when walking around Marais.  Tea towels are sold all over Paris, but this was the only one I saw with a modern twist.

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