Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patching

Our neighbors across the street put quite the menagerie of pumpkins on their porch that John and I have been admiring all week.  Well, admiring, and plotting against.  

Not just any pumpkins would do for our rival porch display - we needed some of all shapes and colors.  There's no better place to get pumpkins than Farmer John's in Half Moon Bay.  

This was our third year in a row going to Farmer John's - and Harper's first trip.

Harper's favorite part was probably all the hay that she tried very hard to snack on.  We told her "hay is for horses," but she was unmoved.

The strange thing about the whole day, is that we are having an Indian summer at the moment, and it was a high of 85 today.  Kinda odd to be picking pumpkins in such heat, but I'm not one to turn down warm weather!

Farmer John said that last year they had three rainy Sundays (in their short one-month season) and they almost went out of business.  I think the farm essentially needs to make enough money in the month of October to last the entire year.  Talk about a stressful month.

We are always happy to support this great farm, though.

Especially a farm that provides us such ridiculous photo-taking opportunities as this.

Look closely and you can spot Harper in the wagon.  She is a good sport.

Happy 80-degree fall to everyone.  I wish you bath tubs full of gourds...

And wagons full of purchases.  Purchases beautiful enough to rival any neighbor's. 

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  1. We took Arianna to the pumpkin patch this past weekend and she too just wanted to eat the hay.


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