Monday, October 3, 2011

Farmers Market Haul - What We Got This Week

As most of my readers know, we religiously visit our local Mountain View Farmers Market every Sunday morning.  The earlier the better, since it gets crowded and some of the specialty things sell out.  Here is a peek at what we bought this week and will be consuming before we head to Paris.  Yes, we eat all of this in a week, except for maybe a peach or some tomatoes that go bad before we have a chance to gobble them up.

This is the California life.

Beautiful yellow cherry tomatoes sit on the counter for salads and snacking.

This stone fruit is from Donna, who sells the best peaches and plums imaginable.

These are tiny Padron peppers, which I'll be making for the first time in a couple days.  (I've been eyeing them for weeks and finally bit the bullet.)

I picked up a cantaloupe bought to support cantaloupe growers who aren't killing people and a Yukon Gold potato for my new favorite recipe (I promise to share soon!).

This Acme baguette was devoured with leftover soup for lunch on Sunday.

Scallions and cilantro are staples for adding some zest to my work salads.  I can't tell you how wonderful fresh herbs taste in salads.  Okay, I just did.

These super sweet dried apricots are to take on the long plane flight to Paris on Saturday.

I managed to score the last bunch of fresh on-the-vine edamame, and I can't wait to eat them tonight.  Fresh edamame is hard to find, and I hear it tastes infinitely better than the frozen variety.

Now that we're on a bean-eating kick, I had to pick up some more fresh beans.  These have a name I can't remember, but they cook up beautifully - white and creamy.  (The green tint disappears during the overnight soaking, interestingly enough.)

Plump grapes for snacks are accompanied here by avocados and Persian cucumbers for my work salads.

A big bunch of kale and another of radishes will add a peppery kick to salads.

Carrots of various hues, with their stems of course.

Spinach, arugula, and Little Gem lettuce - lots of it.

My last surprise find of the market was this Morganics Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm.  It was sold at the honey purveyor, and I couldn't pass it up.  Maybe I'll buy some for everyone I know for Christmas!

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  1. don't they sell meat? Or do you just have never gotten any?
    I better stay anonymous for asking questions that might sound dumb to others...but I really like to know before we have the chance to go (meaning if we ever wake up before noon on sundays...)


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