Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Harper!

Happy first birthday, to our treasured pup, Harper!  I hope you enjoy some year-in-review photos below.

Here are shots from the first day she came into our lives. 

On her second day with us, we dragged her to a cold and rainy park.  Sorry, Harps! 

 Our Christmas puppy got to our house in early December, so we got to spend the full holiday season with her.  She mostly enjoyed the wrapping paper. 

 It was easier to get family photos back when she was tiny and easy to carry.

Even though you could hold her easily, she would often do a sneak attack of kisses and/or bites when you least expected it. 

The little munchkin graduated from Puppy Kindergarten.

Uh oh - here comes trouble.  She's definitely medium-sized by this point. 

 She was happy to graduate from intermediate class.

 She mastered the art of off-leashing.

She spent lots of time with her best buddy, Mochi. 

 She got her first injury - a punctured paw, apparently from a stick.  No wonder she has it out for sticks every time she can get a hold of one.

She has grown more graceful recently and runs with John three times a week. 

 Her first haircut was only traumatizing for me.  Now she has had three!

She always loves to hang out with her friend, Cody. 

Advanced training and tricks - mastered! 

Mochi got a little sister (Latte), and Harper got a new playmate! 

We enjoyed a great 4th of July in Mendocino as a family. 

She is still very much a puppy, always looking to play and have fun.  She is much more reliable and obedient now than she was several months ago, though.  Now we mostly experience the fun parts of puppyhood with very few of the drawbacks.  

She always has a blast at Point Isabel.  It's one of her favorite places.

 She does a great job joining us on shopping adventures and eating outside on patios.  She's been doing that with us since she was 4 months old.

 She is still slightly mischievous, especially when a game of chase is involved.

She has brought me and John so much joy in these past year.  We can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with her!  Happy birthday, Harper!


  1. She's a blessing!

  2. such a fun recap!! happy birthday, harper!

  3. Happy Birthday Harper!
    Come to auntie Joycie's house and we'll celebrate your birthday playing Settlers of Catan tonight with your daddy and mommy!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl:) Thank you for giving her such a wonderful home:)

  5. Lynda Kamrath and HarpoOctober 29, 2011 at 4:38 PM

    Happy Birthday, Harper. I thought it was in October. You are such a sweet girl and bring so much joy to your mom and dad. Hope to see you soon in Carmel.


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