Monday, October 10, 2011

The Louvre and the Rest of Day Two

This morning we both woke up before 5:00 a.m. and weren't able to get back to sleep.  Stupid time change. Hopefully tonight we will be more successful sleepers, though our two hour nap this afternoon won't help matters.  We had a great second day in Paris and walked until our feet couldn't take it any more!  (Above: Random flower shop, Opera Garnier, random huge building, and spices)

We did quite a bit of food souvenir shopping, and Hediard was one of my favorite stops.  Everything inside is packaged in their trademark red and black, and you can find the most amazing spices, teas, and preserves inside.

Fauchon is around the bend - their store is filled with their trademark colors - pink and black.  Fauchon seemed a lot less authentic (read: more touristy and overpriced) and neither of us were tempted to buy anything from there.

Fouquet is an amazing chocolatier in an area with a pretty business-district feel to it.  Much less touristy than some of our other stops, we loved everything they had to offer.   The mix and match jars of treats are adorable and I'm sure they are delicious.

This chain store (La Cure Gourmande) focused on the packaging over the content, but it was beautiful and fun nonetheless.

We picked up some packaged gaufrettes (in honor of my grandfather) in one of those basement grocery stores of high-end department stores.  They are probably the best packaged cookie I've ever had in my life - not a surprise since they are made with butter, sugar, milk, eggs, flour, etc (instead of fake things).  

We had our first crepes of the trip for lunch before we hit the Louvre.  I'm sure they will not be our last before we leave!

John smiles in front of the upside down pyramid because we didn't realize we were destined for that huge line behind him.

 The Winged Victory, a beautiful hall, and a blurry family mirror photo.

All for this little lady.

John and I always keep our eyes peeled for dogs in paintings, even somewhat creepy ones like these.

I don't know this guy.

This guy kind of looks like he's wearing a breath-right strip.

Thing 1 and Thing 2.

This sculpture reminded me of Harper so much!  We miss our girl!

Venus de Milo.

One of my favorite things were these dice we happened upon from 3000 B.C. (I think).

When you are in the Louvre sometimes the views from the windows are as good as the views inside each room.

We spent about an hour trying to navigate our way to the Code of Hammurabi.   We are dorky lawyers and had to see the first known recorded laws!

After the long search for the Code, our feet were pretty much screaming at us for mercy.

As were the feet of these hundred people who all sat on the edge of a fountain outside the museum.

The sweet relief of knowing you are about to go take a nap.

For dinner tonight we went to a La Tour de Montlhery (also called Chez Denise on the sign) - a lively bistro that had every seat filled by the time we left.  Half the guests were American tourists (who also likely had my Hungry for Paris book) and the other half were locals.  John and I split an amazing frisee salad with crunchy garlic croutons and the steak frites.  The frites were to die for and I definitely had an ungodly amount.  The restaurant also had a great idea (maybe this is a European thing) - they give you a full bottle of the house wine on the table and you only pay for what you drink.  Genius!  We loved everything about the place and highly recommend it for an authentic and fun bistro experience!


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful trip! Paris is definitely the best city in which to walk until you collapse. So worth it! Enjoy every minute.

    I've been to smaller restaurants in Italy and other countries that were also on the pay-what-you-drink program. Pretty smart concept.

  2. I'm impressed that you're blogging while in Paris! Glad you guys are having a great time.

  3. you look just as chic in that pencil skirt/sweater/boot combo as i thought you would! glad you're having such an awesome time!!


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