Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Things

We don't have the heat on in our house yet, but I officially turned off the air conditioning.  The heated blankets remain in storage, but I have been snuggling with the cashmere blanket quite a bit.  I might not be wearing socks to bed yet, but I have pulled out my long pants.  Baby steps into fall, people.

Brussels sprouts are such a great fall vegetable.  We've loved them roasted for awhile now, but I recently discovered how good they taste raw and chopped into a salad.  They are essentially mini cabbages, so it's similar to the cabbage flavor in cole slaw.  Delicious!

If not for the bone cookie cutter, you might think these pumpkin cookies are for humans.  I promise to share the recipe soon for Harper's favorite new biscuits!  We had fun this week making them together.

David Tanis just left his post as chef at Chez Panisse to become a writer for the New York Times dining section.  I'm excited to delve into his cookbook and to read his work at the Times.  From what I hear, the book is full of earthy and flavorful recipes.

I think the real reason everyone was upset about the iPhone 4S not looking different than the iPhone 4 was because we all wanted to show off that we had the new one.  Well, I have the new one, and I have to post about it on my blog or else no one would know.  My new favorite discovery is not Siri but realizing I can watch Grey's Anatomy reruns on Netflix while at the gym.  This is life changing, people.

I wish I could tell you the name of these grapes, I really do.  The vendor at the farmers market said they were "crispin grapes" (or something).  I tried to Google it, and it appears that isn't a real type of grape.  These are my new favorites because they are as crisp as an apple (all week, according to the vendor, but mine didn't last that long) and full of flavor.  No one likes biting into a sad, mushy grape.

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  1. yeah, that whole siri thing was not impressing me, but watching greys at the gym? Life altering!! :)


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