Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dog Park Debut

Harper made her dog park debut two weekends ago and had a glorious time romping off leash.

We were joined by Trevor, Andrea, and their Golden, Tucker.  Tucker tolerated Harper marvelously and showed her what retrieving is all about.

Harper showed her affection by giving Tucker a kiss or two.  She's getting feisty in her teenage weeks.

Harper has the wherewithal to play when she wants and to rest when she wants.  It's hard to say which is the cutest.
Off leash - wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Nothing like running around the dog park to work up some thirst.  Luckily they have water at the park for all the dogs to slurp.

A great Sunday afternoon if you ask anyone in my family.

Some people geniuses think it's a good idea to bring treats to the dog park.  Even when zipped up in a bag, the dogs are not fooled.  Despite this treat-teasing man, Harper had a great time!


  1. She's beautiful! and growing up so quickly!

  2. haha, the dogs are all circling the treat guy!

  3. Oh my! Harper is the cutest thing!!

  4. Once Huff barged into a training class at the dog park and stole their chicken treats.


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