Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day (Observed)

John and I observed Valentine's Day on Sunday night, and it's a good thing we did since neither of us got home from work until 8:00 PM on Monday.  Usually Murphy's Law would dictate that our planning ahead would mean we had plenty of time to celebrate on the actual holiday, but apparently Murphy was off celebrating with his wife and forgot to make an appearance.

There is a thing around where we live where instead of vendors selling flowers in anticipation of Valentine's Day, they set up these white tents and sells creepy bears of all sizes wrapped in cellophane.  John and I saw them all weekend leading up to Valentine's Day and kept laughing about how bizarre they were, especially because any recipient of said creepy bears would know they came from a parking lot.  Because John and I have exactly the same sense of humor, he naturally stopped at one of the white tents and picked up a stuffed bear and stuffed rose (who knew they even made those?) for me.  When I opened it I burst out laughing and immediately said, "Did you get this before or after I made fun of these?"  Luckily his answer confirmed what I should have already known.

I didn't only have a gag gift to open, though.  He also got me two Le Creuset pieces.  This cobalt crepe pan will find some use this weekend, I hope.  I've been meaning to share my grandfather's crepe recipe for some time but haven't gotten around to it.  No more excuses.

John claimed this dish was a self-serving present because he has been bugging me to make him casseroles.  Where I am supposed to find these casserole recipes, I don't know, but I better find a way.  Casserole recipes aren't very popular on blogs, but John said I should be ahead of the trend since "food is cyclical."  I think maybe fashion is cyclical, not food trends, but whatever, honey.  Thanks for all the goodies!


  1. The only thing that could have made that stuffed bear even better is if it said "I wuv u!".

  2. this blog (casserolecrazy . com) isn't updated too often, but it is all about casseroles! And the corresponding cookbook looks like it has potential...AMANDA

  3. Don't know which present was the best, but I'm leaning parking lot bear :)


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