Friday, February 18, 2011

Five Things

I admit that maybe I took 4 out of 5 of these pictures about an hour ago.  Thursday night came quickly this week, what can I say?

I'm running a half marathon this June with Natalie - so long as work doesn't get in the way like it is threatening to.  I love running almost as much as cooking, but when describing runner's high I can't say I feel the same as this commenter on the NY Times today:

"I’m not sure exactly what runner’s high is, especially since the experience is subjective. However, when I run, I think of people who have passed. Sometimes it’s a friend or someone I saw on t.v. with an exceptionally emotional story. As I’m running I think of these people and I envision myself running for them. Within minutes I feel “prickles” up and down my back, the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end, and I feel a strong floating sensation. It’s fabulous."

(What a weirdo.)

I got my second Microplane zester a few weeks ago and have been grating up a storm.  This one is a lot bigger and is perfect for Parmesan.  I'm not really sure how I can justify having two of these things, but I'm probably going to get a third eventually, let's be honest.

Trader Giotto's (ha) extra virgin olive oil is mediocre and perfect at the same time.  $6 for a liter of olive oil is about as cheap as it gets, which is really all you need when you're roasting vegetables or pan frying some chicken.  Great olive oil is essential, but only for when you're eating it raw (salad dressings, bread dipping, etc.).  I got through a liter of this cheap olive oil every two months or so, and I save my good stuff for what matters.

Some my all time favorite things are the jewelery I have inherited from my mom and grandmothers.  I lost my grandmothers years ago, but it's wonderful to be able to have reminders of them around me all the time.  Some of the jewelery is real and some of it is just costume jewelery, but it's all meaningful to me.

I love this picture of John; what a cutie.  Good luck on the bar exam next week!  Better you than me this time around!


  1. Lol!! I seriously had the same reaction to that NYT commented and almost emailed it to you. But I didn't bc I wasn't sure if I'd look like a terrible person for making fun of that comment. Should have known that you'd feel the same way!

  2. "A strong floating sensation"? For reals?


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