Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fort Funston Doodle Romp

John and I went to our first doodle romp last weekend at the beach.  It was amazing to meet lots of great doods and their parents.  And I might have figured out how to take action photos.  It's about time.

These two doodles are both named Kooper and are brothers!  Apparently the breeder, by mistake, told both families they were getting a dog named Kooper and the name stuck for both families!

Doodles love kids and kids love doodles.  A perfect relationship.

Our neighbor's pooch, Mochi, lead the pack.

Harper was like the little neighborhood kid who tried to play with the bigger kids and they just rolled their eyes.

This dog, Rylee, was also a puppy and Harper had a blast with her.

It was really amazing to see all those doodles playing together.  Doodles are always so sweet when they play.

Dogs with long curly hair do not look their best wet or half wet.  Good thing when it's your own dog they are always beautiful to you.

God I love California.

The two Koopers had an amazing run-in at the end of our walk.  They met their mama, Mocha, who randomly happened to be at the beach.  Maybe one day we will run into Harper's mom or dad!

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