Monday, October 12, 2009

Vacation Food - Snickerdoodles

This past weekend John and I took a vacation to Stinson Beach, which clearly necessitated me making snickerdoodles. I browsed the internet for random cookie recipes and came upon this recipe for snickerdoodles by Smitten Kitchen. It required me to use my new stand mixer, which was another plus in the recipe's favor...other than the fact that it was snickerdoodles. John and I were both really obsessed with these cookies. The bottoms got a tad overdone because I placed the pan on the absolute bottom rack, when really they only require a rack in the "top third and bottom third" of the oven. Oops. If you like snickerdoodles, this recipe is absolute perfection. I've never had a better 'doodle.

Welcome to the best part of snickerdoodles - a mix of cinnamon and sugar to coat the outside. I didn't take any pictures of the making the dough part. Partially because I'm lazy and partially because I made them at 10:00PM on Thursday night. They cooled in the fridge overnight and then I baked the cookies at 9:00AM on Friday. I ate 4 cookies before 10:00AM. It was a good day.

I love cookies that you roll into little balls. Makes for a much nicer picture pre-baking.

The little balls also make it so the cookies get those cute cracks in them. Helps you look all professional.

The recipe made about 3 dozen cookies, which was almost enough to last us 5 days. They were that good. I'm just glad we didn't have to share them with anyone.

So here is Smitten Kitchen's recipe again. If you know what's good for you, you will make these cookies post haste. I think that's a phrase.

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