Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dinner Party

Last Sunday, our good friends Natalie and Mitch came over for a wee dinner party. Calling it a dinner party seems a bit of a stretch though, because we cook for each other pretty routinely. I didn't know what else was I going to call the post though, so we're going to pretend it was a real dinner party.

I made the butternut squash soup to start and then we had Indonesian Ginger Chicken. I took pics when making the chicken, but I decided not to do a full post on the recipe because it didn't really blow me away. I do recommend it when you have people over, though, because it marinates over night and you just stick it in the oven before your guests arrive. I don't know about you guys, but I'm still struggling to figure out how to host a dinner party without doing all of the cooking when my friends are there.

I also roasted some Bugs Bunny-style carrots. I've never purchased carrots with the full stems (is that the word for the green bit?) at the farmers market before, but I had fantasies of roasting them with those tiny green ends. So I did it and felt very Martha Stewart-esque. I don't know why these seem so Martha to me, but they do.

Mitch seems thrilled I poked our new camera in his face - especially because he knew it'd end up on the interweb.

Pppppphhhhllllllt to you too.

She did this sarcastically, people.

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  1. I actually had no idea you were taking pictures to put them on the blog...! It's cool though, since it wasn't a bad one.


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