Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smitten Ice Cream

Remember that "ice cream of the future" they suckered us kids into eating in the 80s.  Newsflash:  Dippin' Dots is not the ice cream of the future, it's just sugared ice pebbles.  Also, there was the "space" ice cream that was freeze-dried and altogether saw dusty in flavor.  Neither ended up being better than real ice cream...or even as good as ice cream.

Well guys, I have discovered the real ice cream of the future.  If you've seen Top Chef, you've seen the contestants whip up ice cream with liquid nitrogen.  I never thought much of it, because I figured it was just a trick to use when you're in a time crunch, not something that would make ice cream better.


Ice cream made with Liquid Nitrogen is the creamiest ice cream you've ever eaten.  Maybe because of the quickness with which it freezes the ingredients, but there are essentially no ice crystals in this ice cream, making it taste even more luscious than you're used to.

Smitten Ice Cream in San Francisco churns your flavor TO ORDER with liquid nitrogen.  You read that right, folks, they make the ice cream just for you.

This will be the freshest and creamiest ice cream of your life.  I have to even reluctantly admit that it's better than my own homemade ice cream.  Plus it requires no work from me and allows me to have fun flavors while John has his boring chocolate.  Get yourself over to Hayes Valley and try yourself a scoop (or two)!  Welcome to the future.

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