Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google Movie Night

Last week John and I caught a movie at the Cineplex de Google.  They were showing Raiders of the Last Ark outside, so how could we not go?

Harper also was dying to see Indiana Jones, and she got to meet some cute kiddies with Dr. Jones hats.

A healthy dinner from the Google cafeteria...

Was followed by a not so healthy snackfest.  What's a movie without popcorn and candy anyway?

John is a big Indy fan, so he had to struggle not to let every line from the movie escape his lips before Harrison Ford had a chance to say it first.

I can safely say all members of the LaBarre family enjoyed movie night.  I promised Harper that the next movie we saw wouldn't have any snakes though.


  1. Has John seen the Indiana Jones show-pectacular at Disneyland/world? I bet he'd love it!

  2. Not that I know of! I'm sure he'd love it!

  3. David gave me his "Dune" to read this vacation so I'm definitely in a sci-fi mood. So far, Indy's way more compelling but I'm only on page 13 (and Paul is only 15)!


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