Monday, September 19, 2011

Napa Knapp Wedding

Two weekends ago John and I attended the most beautiful wedding in the history of weddings.  Our friends Trevor and Andrea got hitched at the Beaulieu Garden up in Napa.  

Trevor looked very excited as he anticipated his beautiful bride.

And she was beautiful all right.

Cheers to the happy and lovely couple!

And a big thanks to them from all their guests for hosting such an amazing party.

It was like a fairy tale eating under the lights and chandeliers.

Don't you wish you had been invited to this incredible affair?

Everything was perfect down to the personalized menus, color-coordinated napkins, and floral sprigs.

I loved this cute method of the seating chart pick-up.

On top of the incredible setup, the food not to be believed.  They picked the chef for her farm-to-table cuisine and we were blown away.

And this is how big we were smiling before we ate the peach and arugula salad, crab cakes with succotash, and sea bass with fresh peas.

By the time it was dark we were digging into our wedding pie (instead of cake).  I chose raspberry and John had apple.  I wouldn't have minded a taste of the third option, peach, but I wasn't very well acquainted with the guest on my right, so I decided to keep my request to myself.  

Best wishes to the happy couple.  May their life together be as beautiful as their wedding.


  1. oh my goodness, I am SWOONING over here. That is hands down the most GORGEOUS wedding anyone I know has ever attended. It looks straight out of a magazine. So beautiful. So jealous, wish I had gotten to wedding crash and see it for myself!

  2. You were right...what an amazing venue but no more beautiful a bride or handsome groom than you two!


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